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I am a 22year old racing driver who has competed in the Junior Saloon Car Championship with success.

9 podiums, 1 win, 1 fastest lap and 2 pole positions from 32 starts.

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For 2020 I am available to drive and for data analysis.

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For me, racing is about living in the moment and being someone who is always fair but never backs down from a challenge. I've been involved in motorsport since I was 8 years old in cadet karting, but even before that I gained a basic sense of control on Quad Bikes from the age of 3. Karting taught me a lot about racing like no matter if you win or lose it's your reaction that defines who you are. When I moved up to cars it was a different game, adapting wasn't easy but when I did it was one of the most enjoyable seasons I've ever had. For the last couple of years I've not been driving but I have still stayed in touch with everyone from cars and karts, I have also done data analysis and driver coaching for the team I raced with last, this taught me a lot but also made me realise how much I missed actually racing the cars.  On that note I have recently been recruited as a driving instructor at Driveme. This has allowed me access to gain more experience coaching and also to teach me how to drive cars that are a lot faster than most of us ever experience and how to control them closer to the limit.

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